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MakTechnology | About


Your single source of online trading platforms

MAK Technology is offering state of the art high tech products and services to cater online Forex, CFDs and Futures trading platforms linkage, configuration, hosting and support to Institutions, medium and small broker dealers around the world. MAK Technology serves as your single source for your all IT problems for your online trading platforms so you can focus on your business management and marketing.

Meta Trader 4 Server

MAK Technology can also configure your Meta Trader4 server to offer CFDs, Futures, Indices, Commodities, Crude Oil, Gold, Silver (Gold and silver prices in your local currency also) to your traders to become innovative broker not just offering traditional Forex pairs only.

MAK Technology covers all aspects of success ful configuration, running and supporting to online trading platform. From server hosting and support to back office administration ,live data feed integration and linking (MT Bridge) your trading platform to any other trading platform of your liquidity providers. We will remove IT hurdles to enable you to run online Forex trading brokerage smoothly and efficiently, regardless of your company or business size.