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MakTechnology | Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

Customizable solutions for all your needs

MAK Technology now make it easy for you to select a excellent dedicated hosting server provider. MAK Technology Dedicated Hosting Plans are designed for enterprise level businesses and advanced users that need their own dedicated server. We currently offer customizable solutions for webmasters with exact greater needs.. All your needs come with priority 24 hour support and service.

You can run your own root server at MAK Technology dedicated servers data centers, We offer server hosting with Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Linux/strong on branded servers from DELL and IBM Blades. Servers are hosted in our 3 data centres Level(3) Duesseldorf, Nuernberg2, Nuernberg4 in Germany which all have an excellent multi-redundant backbone.

Advantages hosting servers MAK Technology


  • Friendly and helpful specialists
  • ok0800 Freecall hotline
  • ok24h/7 Emergency hotline


  • Branded servers from DELL and IBM
  • okData centre with excellent multi-redundant backbone
  • ok4h Change of hardware:


  • Hardware firewall with IDS + personal firewall
  • ok50 GB Backup
  • ok24h Monitoring + Support

Rootserver L

Modell: DELL PE860 / R200

CPU: 1* Intel® Xeon® 3060 Core2Duo

RAM: Max. 8 GB

HDD: Max. 2* 2000 GB SATA2 RAID 1

  • 24/7 Reboot
  • YESunlimited Traffic1
  • YES50 GB Backup
  • YESHardware firewall with IDS
  • YES24h Monitoring + Support

Blade IBM HS12

Model: IBM Blade HS12

CPU: 1* Intel® Xeon® L5420 Quad-Core

RAM: max. 24 GB

HDD: 2* 146 GB SAS RAID 1

  • 24/7 Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM)
  • YES500 GB Traffic
  • YES50 GB Backup
  • YESHardware firewall with IDS
  • YES24h Monitoring + Support

Rootserver XXL

Model: DELL R710

CPU: 2* Intel® Xeon® E5504 Quad-Core

RAM: max. 64 GB

HDD: max. 6* 1000 GB SAT

  • 24/7 Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM)
  • YES unlimited Traffic1
  • YES 50 GB Backup
  • YES Hardware firewall with IDS
  • YES 24h Monitoring + Support

Our professional qualified staff can help you quick and efficient at every server matters.