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MakTechnology | Expert Advisor Coding

Expert Advisor Coding

MT4/MT5 Expert Advisor

Expert Advisor is an Automated Trading System (Robot Trading), which can be attached to run on MT4 charts. An EA is executed when certian price movement happens even its event of new tick receipt, a time event, depth of market changing event, chart event or customized events.
The EA can inform you about a potential trading opportunity, or can trade an account automatically depends upon your settings by sending the order directly to your MT4 Broker’s Server.

MT4 Platform supports the strategy testing to test either your EA is working properly, strategy testing is run on the historical charts data of MT4.

MAK TECHNOLOGY provides custom Expert Advisor devloping services, what ever trading strategy you have our experienced developers can code your manual trading strategy into automated trading strategy (Expert advisor)
so you can sit relaxed and watch your trading startegy work for you automatically.


Indicator or Trading signal is a technical indicator written independently in addition to those already integrated into MT4 client terminal, Like the built-in indicators, they are not used to trade an account automatically but are intended for analytical purposes to find any possible trading opportunities.

MAK TECHNOLOGY also develops custom trading indicators so you can find trading opportunities supported by chart analysis
and combinition of other techical indicators to help you to enter and exit at right time and right point to make profitable trades.


Script is a program intended for a single execution of some actions. Unlike an Expert Advisor, or EA, Scripts are not run on every tick, but on request from another program.


The ‘DLL Library’ is a set of custom functions, or tools, containing algorithms that are used on a frequent basis. Libraries are accessed through parts of the main program. Library is a set of custom functions intended for storing and distributing frequently used blocks of custom programs. Libraries cannot start executing by themselves. Include File is a source text of the most frequently used blocks of custom programs. Such files can be included into the source texts of Expert Advisors, scripts, custom indicators, and libraries at the compiling stage. The use of included files is more preferable than the use of libraries because of additional burden occurring at calling library functions.

Include files can be stored in the same directory as a source file – in this case the #include directive with double quotes is used. Another place to store include files is terminal_directory\MQL4\Include, in this case the #include directive is used with angle brackets.

How to install EA at MT4


  • How to install EA, Indicators for MT4 build 600 plus
  • To check your MT4 build click Help…… About on your client terminal
  • With MT4 build 600 this new upgrade EAs, Indicators, Scripts and Library files are now to be saved in different locations.
  • You can access this folder from your MT4 client terminal by clicking on File > Open Data Folder.
  • All Indicators (EAs) should be saved in the folder titled: MQL4 > Experts.
  • All indicators should be saved in the folder titled: MQL4 > Indicators.
  • All library files should be saved in the folder titled: MQL4 > Libraries.
  • All script files should be saved in the folder titled: MQL4 > Scripts.
  • After saving all your indicators in MT4, restart your MT4 terminal and make all initial setttings same as before. Now your all MT4 EA will run sucessfully…….enjoy your auto trading with MT4 build 600 with out any trouble.

For for more help contact: support@maktechnology.net or visit www.maktechnology.net

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Forex trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors.

Hypothetical performance results have certain limitations. Unlike an actual performance record hypothetical results do not represent actual trading. The results may not include certain market factors, such as, liquidity or price availability.
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