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MAK TECHNOLOGY offers FIX Bridge for MetaTrader (MT4) platform enables MT4 server to send orders and receive trades and market data from FIX-complaint destination such as brokers, exchanges, ATS. It supports asset classes and order types which are available in MetaTrader. FIX Bridge also allows customization of order types specific to a FIX destination. Solution comes as an MT4 plug-in.

FIX Bridge allows establishing connection to multiple FIX-compliant execution venues, as well as collecting market data from multiple FIX-compliant sources simultaneously. Groups of accounts could be structured in a way to route orders to a specified destination. One expert advisor script could route orders to multiple destinations too.

Supported FIX Connections

Currenex, MBT, Lava, SAXO, OANDA, AMIFX, MBTrading. FIX Bridge can be configured to work with any FIX compliant destination.

MAK MT4 to MT4 Bridge

MT4-MT4 bridge links two MetaTrader servers. It allows transferring orders and trades between the MT4 servers. One MT4 Server can connect to multiple MT4 servers using MT4-MT4 bridges. These bridges allow the broker to submit trade requests to a larger broker of its choice (configuration is tuned on MT4-MT4 Bridges). The broker can charge the trader a commission and/or higher spreads as usual.


  • Works as automated dealer for specified groups of users
  • Supports Instant Orders, Market Orders, Pending Orders, Order
  • Modification, Take Profit, Stop/Loss and Delete Order
  • Supports automatic position closing at margin calls
  • Supports taking commissions in both ways — open and close position
  • Acts as an omnibus account: maps multiple accounts on internal
  • MT4 side to one account in external system
  • Provides an easy-to-navigate user interface (UI)
  • Allows creating the necessary configuration (Host port, Manager
  • Login/Password), set up max price deviation and prohibit trading by defined symbol
  • Provides an easy-to-manage-in-production environment
  • 24/7 available
  • Provides multiple bridges support on a single MT4 Server for different liquidity providers