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MakTechnology | Starting Forex Brokerage Business

Starting Forex Brokerage Business

Want to start your own Forex Brokerage?

As a financial company you can offer Forex. CFDs, Commodities, Crude oil, Gold and Silver. Are you interested to enter in the world largest online Forex trading market, which has more than US$3 trillion daily trading volume.


With the help of our associates legal consultants will register your company as legal entity to operate financial brokerage to offer Forex, CFDs, Commodities, Crude oil, Gold and Silver.

Offering following services:


  • Will provide your fully configured online trading platform to run your Forex Brokerage business.
  • Will Provide dedicated servers to run online trading paltform.
  • Trading platform installation, configuration and fully technical support.
  • Web site development and promotions of business
  • Trading platform training to your staff for daily trading operations management
  • Arrange liquidity providers (banks) to hedge your clients orders.