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MakTechnology | Web Development

Web Development

State of the art Forex brokerage website development

MAK Technology has competent and experienced team of web developers, we apply latest designing and developing approach so that you can reach maximum relevent audience and meet your business targets. We also can design your company web site with CMS so you can update latest news and information with out any designing and developing expertise. Web development is a broad term for any activity related to developing a web site for the World Wide Web or an intranet. This can include e-commerce business development, web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, and web server configuration. MAK Technology provides complete web based solutions, web designing to web applications development and domain name registration to web hosting.

We offers all services related to web based enterprises solutions, web applications and portal development, technical expertise. We offers most advanced end to end web solutions and also provides dynamic website development to meet your unique requirements to match your company and business requirements world wide.

Features included with every website we deploy:

Great Design

You choose from a number of great designs, then make color and content customization to your liking.

Content Generation

Website comes with starter content: 10 pages of professional Forex brokerage marketing copy. The content includes a menu, disclaimers and slider images.

Content Management

Every website we deploy comes with a full featured Content Management System (CMS) that enables the brokerage to have complete control over content updates.

Mobile Support

Your website will look and work great on all modern mobile devices (like iPhone and Android).

Currency Rates Ticker

Custom-built price ticker connects to your trading platform and includes your markup displaying live pricing.

Contact Form

At least one contact form that sends email notifications to you with your prospects info.

Trader’s Room

Designed for your traders but intended to save you time.

  • Open trading accounts instantly
  • Manage personal information and upload documents
  • Deposit funds and request withdrawals
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Review history of deposits and withdrawals
  • Review detailed trading history
  • Partner’s Room (IB)
  • Referral URL, banners, and other marketing materials for IBs
  • Access to list of traders with commissions for IBs
  • Live Chat

Great way to gain an edge



Appeal to Your Audience

Trader’s Room is a complete set of tools to help FX professionals build a successful brokerage. Your potential clients open an account, submit documents, instantly deposit money, and gain access to frequently requested operations without your involvement. Automating these repetitive processes saves time and keeps the cost of running your business minimal.


Automated Deposit

Save time by allowing your traders to make deposits automatically. Forex Trader’s Room comes with merchant account integration. Make it easy for your customers to deposit funds with credit cards and other payment methods.


Personal Information

If you are an experienced broker you already know how much time it takes to update customer information. With Forex Trader’s Room you will never have to do it again. Your users would much rather set this information themselves and you can choose to be notified every time a change is made.


Partner’s Tools (IB)

The easiest way to grow your business is to hire IBs. More importantly, you need to provide them with all the tools they need to market their (your) service. Partner’s Tools provides the ability for every trader to become an IB. Once you approve their application they get access to the full array of marketing tools such as promo materials, Referral URL, banners, forms and other tools. IBs can review their commissions, clients, and history right from the Trader’s Room.

MT4 Trader and Manager for MAC

MAK TECHNOLOGY Design has developed a way to run native MT4 Trader, Manager, and Admin applications on Mac OS X and Linux without expensive virtual machines, confusing web traders, or annoying reboots. Mac and Linux MT4 comes white labele with your name and logo just like the Metaquotes version for PC, and the installation procedure is simple, exactly like millions of other native applications for Mac and Linux.

Professional Custom Web Design Services

Empower your Forex brokerage with state of the art custom website and business graphic design, built to your requirements and your satisfaction. Web Design is our sweet spot. Every concept starts with design, and our designers are constantly looking for new ways to wow you

Other Great Features Of Our Services

Forex Education, Webinars, Email Marketing

The best way to get new traders is to educate them. Custom website workflow called “Forex Academy” will enable your traders to learn FX from basic to advanced levels. Support your traders with free or paid webinars and email blasts.

Forex on Facebook and LinkedIn

Take advantage of the viral social media strategy: allow signups and trading account opening right on Facebook or LinkedIn for your traders and IBs.

Multiple Language Support

Forex traders know no borders. In many places in the world it’s not enough to have your website in English only. All Design products can support multiple languages.

Logo Design and MT4 White label Icons

We can design a Forex brokerage logo to your 100% satisfaction. If you need your logo prepared for the MT4 Whitelabel platform we are the company to contact.